Custom Wind River Raffle Spot T3-10

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ABOUT THE WIND RIVER FRAME LOCK TIER 3: The Tier 3 Wind River is made from the same high quality materials and craftsmanship as the original Tier 2 but we have added a fully 3D contoured handle, as well as the carbon fiber, which improves grip and reduces weight. Each handle is precision CNC milled from solid 6Al4V titanium and hand finished to provide a comfortable, secure grip.The hardware has been blackened to increase contrast and aesthetic appeal. The display side is 3D machined from uni-gold fat carbon carbon fiber!  The primary goal of the Wind River is to provide a practical, well built folding knife that will last for generations. To build something that can provide a lifetime of use takes superior materials and craftsmanship. All major parts are designed and manufactured in house in order to control part quality and tolerances. We chose contoured grade 5 titanium handles to provide a solid grip, in addition to superior corrosion resistance in even the harshest conditions. The smooth, clean action is the result of ceramic bearings making orthogonal contact with hardened stainless-steel surfaces on both sides. These knives are meant to be used every day, and we understand that in tough conditions you tend to get dirty. By removing the frame retention screw and one pivot screw, you get access to every part of the knife for maintenance and cleaning. The Bohler Elmax blade features a solid drop point and slight recurve that pushes materials into a razor sharp edge that will hold up to heavy cutting.      



All parts are backed by our Razor Life warranty. This includes transferable lifetime factory sharpening and maintenance, as well as defects in the manufacturing and craftsmanship of the parts.    


WIND RIVER TIER 3 KEY FEATURES: Flat Ground Elmax Stainless Steel Blade | Fully 3D Machined 6Al4V Titanium Frame Lock | Reeve Integral Lock with Ceramic Ball Interface | Blackened Hardware | Uni-Gold FatCarbon Display Side | Custom Magnetic, Walnut Box  



TOTAL LENGTH: 7.62” (17.46 cm)

BLADE LENGTH: 3.10” (6.98 cm)

HANDLE LENGTH: 4” (10.16 cm)

BLADE HEIGHT: .99” (3.10 cm)




TOTAL WEIGHT: 3.25 oz (92.13 g)

BLADE TYPE: Drop Point BLADE STEEL: Bohler ELMAX Stainless Steel at 60-61 RC BLADE GRIND: Flat

BLADE FINISH: Polished Stone Washed

LOCK TYPE: The Industries 1st Flipper with the "Reeve Integral Lock with Ceramic Ball Interface" (Frame Lock)

HANDLE MATERIAL: Uni-Gold Fatcarbon 


HARDWARE: Blackened Titanium Pivot Screws, Lock-bar Stabilizer. Stainless Steel Pivot Barrel and Frame Retention Screw

CLIP: 6A14V Machined Titanium with Ceramic Ball

OTHER FEATURES: Internal Pocketing for Weight Reduction. Simple Dual Screw Disassembly

*Each blade is hand-ground by our skilled crew

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