By design, Schenk Knives are extremely sharp. Please handle with care to avoid causing injury to yourself or others (nobody likes the friend who uses up all the bandaids).

Never use your knife as a screwdriver, chisel, or to punch or pry. To preserve the integrity of your knife, never hammer with the knife handle.

Never throw your knife (unless specifically designed for throwing). The knife was not designed for and should never be used to cut nails, wires, or other metals.

Clean your knife often, using soap and warm water. Dry well. To prevent rust, apply a coat of oil (WD40 works well) and store outside the sheath.  Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide is another trusted product for oiling or long term storage after cleaning.

Know your state and local laws concerning knives and double edge blades.

With proper care, your Schenk Knife will last for generations to come.



If your knife has not been abused (as determined by Schenk Knives) simply return the knife and we will do everything we can to fix the knife or otherwise resolve the issue. Include your name, phone number and contact information.

Schenk Knives
Attention: Warranty Department
4570 N. Haroldsen Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

If your knife has been abused or otherwise mistreated, we will make every effort to help resolve the situation and restore a trusted tool.