Damascus Steel Black Bear Claw Replica

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About this Damascus Black Bear Claw:

This Black Bear claw is a one of a kind piece of art that is perfect for a necklace or to hang from your rear view mirror. Our passion for hunting and the outdoors lead us to create these unique one of a kind replicas. No two damascus items are ever the same, each one is like a thumb print. The high-carbon damascus steel is forged from 1080 and 15N20, which we do right here in Idaho Falls, ID. We heat-treat each piece to increase the contrast of the two different alloys which brings out the beauty during the acid etching and polishing process. Our skilled craftsman hand shape and craft each and every item. 


DAMASCUS BLACK BEAR CLAW KEY FEATURES: Replica of an actual Black Bear claw | High Carbon Damascus Steel "Cubix" Made In Idaho | Makes for a perfect necklace with the center hole


TOTAL LENGTH: 2 3/4” (6.98 cm)

THICKNESS: .216” (.54 cm)

WEIGHT: 1.20 oz (34.01 g)

HOLE SIZE: .125" (.31 CM)

MATERIAL: High-Carbon Damascus Steel. Cubix Pattern

***Proper care should be given to this bear claw. We recommend applying WD40 or some type of gun oil to the claw when being used. If not properly taken care of you may see discoloration or rusting. High-carbon damascus will rust if not properly cared for. Always clean and oil your claw before extended storage. A slight coat of WD40 will help keep the claw looking great for years to come.***

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