Swan Valley

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About the Custom Swan Valley

This small but mighty design is built for the ranch but also to impress your buddies. The knife features a fully hand-contoured and shaped handle that gives it a very natural and comfortable feel in the hand. The hidden tang construction makes it surprisingly light in the hand. The handle is made from a series of desert ironwood, box elder burl and maple burl which has been stacked in alternating shades. The hand fit and finished guard is made from brass with a resin and G10 spacer. 

The blade is made from our "Snakeye" high-carbon damascus steel. We forge our damascus 1080 and 15N20, each blade has around 200 layers of steel. The leather sheath is made from 8 oz, saddle skirting which has a rich brown color from the hand dye that was applied.

The sheath features a rich brown and hand stamped edge. The leather we use comes from one of the oldest tanneries in the USA, Wickett & Craig USA. Each sheath is wet-formed to each knife to ensure a nice tight fit.

Each knife is hand forged, ground and made by our team of skilled artisans. Enjoy this timeless piece for generations to come!


SWAN VALLEY KEY FEATURES: Snakeye Damascus Steel Blade | Brass Guard | Stabilized Desert Ironwood, Box Elder and Maple Burl | Hand Stamped Edge, Brown Dyed Leather Sheath



TOTAL LENGTH: 7.50” (19.05 cm)

BLADE LENGTH: 3.25” (8.25 cm)

HANDLE LENGTH: 5” (12.07 cm)

BLADE WIDTH: .75” (1.90 cm)

BLADE THICKNESS: .120" (3.048 mm)

KNIFE WEIGHT: 2.80 oz (79 g)

BLADE TYPE: Trailing Point

BLADE STEEL: High-Carbon Damascus



HANDLE MATERIAL: Brass Guard, Stabilized Desert Ironwood, Box Elder and Maple Burl

HANDLE FINISH: Hand-Contoured and Shaped



SHEATH TYPE: Brown Dyed Leather, Belt Loop, Hand-Stamped Edge

SHEATH WEIGHT: 1.95 oz (56 g)




*Just like all things, proper care should be given to the knife blade. We recommend cleaning with warm water and completely drying after use. We recommend applying WD40 or some type of gun oil to the blade immediately after drying to help deter spotting/rusting. Always clean and oil your knife before extended storage. Never store your knife in the leather sheath for extended time periods. The high-carbon nature of this damascus steel is prone to rusting and discoloration if not properly cared for.

*Logo and other markings will be placed on the blade after purchase is made.

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