The Executioner's Axe

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The Executioner Axe is truly a wicked axe. The longer beard and high upsweep really take this axe to a new level. This axe features our signature rippled damascus pattern. The solid hickory handle has our vintage black stain as well as the "merchant of death" flag texturing. All of our damascus steel is forged in house, here in Idaho, and is forged from 1080 and 15N20. This axe features around 185 layers. The damascus head features our chipped texture which makes each axe head completely unique. The leather blade cover is made from 8oz, black english bridle leather that comes from Wickett & Craig USA. The sheath features a black snap for a secure closer. The unique upsweep of this axe gives it a very unique and medieval feel. 

The Executioner Axe Features: Flat Ground Blade | Hand Chipped Damascus Finish | Black Vintage Stained Handle | Solid Hickory Handle | Merchant of Death Flag Texturing | Black Leather Cover with Red Stitching 


TOTAL LENGTH: 17.25” (43.81 cm)

BLADE LENGTH: 6” (15.24 cm) Measured from tip to tip

BLADE THICKNESS: Closest to the Eye .456" (1.15 cm) Towards the Tip .128" (.031 cm)

HANDLE LENGTH: 15” (38.10 cm)

WIDTH OF HANDLE: 1 1/4” (3.17 cm)

TOTAL AXE WEIGHT: 23.20 oz (658 g)

BLADE TYPE: Bearded Axe

BLADE STEEL: Rippled High-Carbon Damascus Steel


BLADE FINISH: Hand-Chipped


HANDLE FINISH: Hand Sanded, Vintage Stained and Merchant of Death Flag Texturing 


SHEATH TYPE: Black, English Bridle Leather, Snap Closure

SHEATH WEIGHT: 2.00 oz (56 g)



*Just like all things, proper care should be given to the knife blade. We recommend cleaning with warm water and completely drying after use. We recommend applying WD40 to the blade immediately after drying to help deter spotting/rusting. We strongly encourage applying WD40 or a similar type oil to the axe frequently to help preserve the damascus as well as to help resist any rusting. 

*The hickory handle is tapered to allow a nice fit at the top of the handle.  

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