Virus Edition Badger

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About this Virus Edition Badger:

The Virus Badger comes from our limited run of "Virus" knives and was inspired by global pandemic. The Virus Badger features a unique, one of a kind, resin hybrid handle that feathers a blue dyed maple base liner, glow resin and hex. The handle also has a neon green g10 liner to accent the edge of the knife handle and give a green under tone to the entire handle. The fully hand-contoured handle feels natural in the hand and ensures there won't be hot spots when serious work is being done. The 20CV blade is ready for serious work and will hold an edge better than most any knife on the market. The leather sheath is made from 8 oz, saddle skirting, that comes from Wickett & Craig USA. The sheath has a hand-tooled Virus hex pattern that wraps around the entire sheath. The sheath has been hand wet-formed to provide a nice tight fit for this one of a kind knife. Each knife and sheath is uniquely hand-crafted and made by our skilled team of artisans, here in Idaho. Get this Virus Badger before the vaccine! 


Never underestimate a badger. Born for the bush, it’s a medium-sized knife with a full-sized attitude. Featuring both thumb jimpings and Accu-Traction for precise control of the blade edge that can be vital for limited visibility work. A slight drop point coupled with the flat ground blade turns this compact workhorse into an all-around everyday carry knife. Whether you’re deep in the hunt or up to your elbows in bushcraft, the Badger is a steel scrapper that’ll bring down any task.


BADGER KEY FEATURES: Flat Ground Blade | 20CV Stainless Steel Blade | Hand Contoured and Shaped Virus Edition Handle | Custom Virus Stamped Leather Sheath


TOTAL LENGTH: 7.5” (19.05 cm)

BLADE LENGTH: 3.5” (8.89 cm)

HANDLE LENGTH: 4” (10.16 cm)

WIDTH: 1” (2.54 cm)

BLADE THICKNESS: .125 (4.01 mm)

WEIGHT: 3.10 oz (88 g)

BLADE TYPE: Drop Point

BLADE STEEL: 20CV Stainless Steel



HANDLE  MATERIAL: Custom Hybrid Virus Scale

HANDLE  FINISH: Hand Contoured

HARDWARE: Carbon Fiber Pins

SHEATH TYPE: Wet-formed Black Leather, Belt Loop, Virus Edition Stamp

SHEATH WEIGHT: 1.95 oz (55 g)


LANYARD HOLE: Yes, Stainless Tube

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1 Review

Oct 8th 2020

Badger - Virus Custom

Another home run for Schenk Knives. My very first Schenk back in 2014 was a similar model and size. The addition of upgraded steel and the flat grind were exactly what I was after and happy to see. A friend, upon seeing/feeling the scales on another Schenk I have (semi custom Kodiak...a brilliant knife in itself) said, “these scales were shaped with love...” I think it applies on this Badger, as well. The special edition Virus Scales look amazing and feel amazing in the hand. One place that many manufacturers skimp is on the sheath. As an occasional sheath maker myself, I unfortunately understand why: it’s a lot of work to get it right. However, a fixed blade knife and its sheath work as a system and both components matter in successful, practical application and use of a blade. Their leather work is top notch in fit and finishing. The detailing gives it a pop that few have. I hate recommending them. It means less available for me....LOL....seriously though, for materials, design, craftsmanship, fit, and finish it it just about impossible to find a better value.

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