Virus Kiritsuke Odyssey

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About this Virus Edition Kiritsuke:

The Virus Edition Kiritsuke comes from our limited run of "virus" knives and was inspired by the global pandemic. The Virus Kiritsuke features a unique, one of a kind, resin hybrid handle that feathers a blue dyed maple base liner, glow resin and hex. The handle also has a neon green g10 liner to accent the edge of the knife handle and give a green under tone to the entire handle. The fully hand-contoured handle feels natural in the hand and ensures there won't be hot spots when serious work is being done. The AEB-L stainless blade will keep your cuts clean and sharp. The leather sheath is made from 8 oz, saddle skirting, that comes from Wickett & Craig USA. The sheath has a hand-tooled Virus hex pattern that wraps around the entire sheath. Each knife and sheath is uniquely hand-crafted and made by our skilled team of artisans, here in Idaho. Get this Virus Ram before the vaccine!


Odyssey Santoku Key Specs: AEB-L Stainless Steel | Virus Edition Resin Hybrid Handle with Carbon Fiber Pins | Hand Contoured/Finished Handle | Virus Leather Blade Over | Limited "Merchant of Death" SK


What is a Kiritsuke Style Knife? 

Kiritsuke knives are a hybrid design combining features of Japanese usubas and yanagibas. Usubas are dedicated vegetable knives while yanagibas are used to slice raw fish for sushi, as a consequence the kiritsuke is intended as a general purpose knife for use in preparing traditional Japanese cuisine. Many kiritsuke knives retain the single bevel design of the usuba and yanagiba so users should be aware of what using and maintaining single bevel knives entails. A number of makers now produce double bevel kiritsukes, often called kiritsuke gyutos, for western users who appreciate the striking aesthetics of the profile but need the added versatility of a double bevel grind. The kiritsuke’s reverse tanto profile makes the pointed tip very nimble but also delicate while the flat profile lends itself well to chopping and push cutting. (










KNIFE WEIGHT: 7.25 oz, 205 g

BLADE STEEL: AEB-L Stainless Steel

BLADE GRIND: Flat, Hand ground

HANDLE MATERIAL: Virus Edition Hybrid Resin

HARDWARE: Carbon Fiber Pins

SLIP COVER MATERIAL: Black Leather with custom Virus Stamping

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*Just like all things, proper care should be given to the knife blade. We recommend cleaning with warm water and completely drying after use. We recommend applying WD40 or some type of gun oil to the blade immediately after drying to help deter spotting/rusting. Always clean and oil your knife before extended storage. Never store your knife in the leather sheath for extended time periods. The high-carbon nature of this damascus steel is prone to rusting and discoloration if not properly cared for.


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